Quick Retail Solutions

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a type of wireless communication. The user taps their NFC-enabled (or QR code enabled) smartphone or device on a product embedded with an NFC tag –this allows information to be passed along without having to download an app or having to touch the device directly. There is no pairing necessary and the tags require no power to operate.


Your Problem

82% of customers consult Google while shopping in stores when deciding which product to buy due to lack of enough
information from either store displays or sales associates

Some people prefer online product reviews to help make buying decisions rather than dealing with pushy sales associates

Retailers are sometimes understaffed, which can cause customers to get frustrated and walk out to a competitor

Our Solution

NFC- enabled marketing materials allow customers access to information about products with a quick wave of their phone on the material

Customers get product features, reviews from previous users, tips and tricks of the product and even current specials and discounts by tapping on the NFC-embedded material

By loading all of the product information on the NFC chip, customers can get enough information to make an informed buying decision without having to wait for help from a sales associate