NFC-Enabled Marketing Materials

Direct Mail & Restaurant Menus

As a business owner, if you’re tired of people trashing your direct mail advertisements then QuickTap can help. It is frustrating to spending all that money on marketing just for all of that hard work and effort to end up in the trash or in a recycle bin.Smart Restaurant Menu with QuickTap

When QuickTap handles your direct mail, customers only need to tap on the piece of mail and they have all the information needed to make a buying decision. You tell us what you want your potential customers to know and we make sure we intrigue them enough and get them to call you. See? It is not complicated.

QuickTap can code your restaurant menus to where customers will only need to hover over it and they can like the restaurant page on social media, follow the page, recommend it to friends and even have nutritional information and food reviews right there at their fingertips.

Coding DVDs, Movie Posters, and Blu-rays with Trailers – An Avenue to Increase Sales

According to, video increases audience understanding of your business by almost 75% and about 30% of online traffic is looking at videos. In other words, your movie trailers and informatiQuicKtap Movie Posters and DVD coveron can be viewed online. QuickTap can code your movie trailers, musical sounds and other information on the case of the DVD, CD, posters, or other encasing distribution channels in retail stores, movie theaters, and cinemas. This can increase customer engagement and subsequently movie sales.

QuickTap specializes in designing marketing promotions on your DVDs, CDs, and other revenue channels. The marketing promotions may include movies trailers, musical sounds and other information needed to advertise your products and services directly to customers in different outlets. Let QuickTap use your DVDs, Movie Posters, Blu-rays and CDs as advertising tools.

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