QuickTap Mobile Advertising – The QuickTap big Idea


QuickTap Mobile Advertising – Active Poster provides low-cost, portable, and immediate interface of your goods and services to a mobile consumer.
Product information through QuickTap influences in-store purchases.

Customized business solutions, information, and ideas can be loaded onto NFC-enable chips by QuickTap.

QuickTap can help you build marketing materials, including but not limited to cartoons videos, mailing solutions, customized marketing solutions and social media marketing deployment.


Mobile Touch Transaction Active Poster
A self-service NFC-enabled retail merchandising device deployed with a fully integrated Centralized Transaction Management System.
Mobile Active Business Cards

Real-time GPS update with directions based on latitude and longitude with pin-point accuracy.

Real – Time Imaging and Video
Product display interaction with detailed information about product displays and merchandising materials.

Mobile Advertising/ Navigation

Whether you are just getting started or ready for the next stage, QuickTap will unlock your world of endless possibility with mobile advertising, Mapping, Navigation and Mobile Marketing Automation.

QuickTap Idea

Whether you’re an advertiser, agency or publisher, QuickTap helps power smart mobile advertising with a comprehensive product suite. With a simple touch with your phone, QuickTap provides a whole new world of information to your audience. Simple and easy to use with just one Quick Tap.


QuickTap LLC can help your business build a sophisticated marketing campaign by providing you with the number of taps, which customers responded to.

Effective Audience Targeting

QuickTap LLC has built some of the most interactive ways to relate with consumers in the marketplace. Due to this fact, we are able to see data that helps us understand and identify user patterns. This proprietary data powers our Cluster audience management platform, allowing your business to target the right audience for your marketing campaign.